Learn How to Secure Forgotten Devices in The Hospital

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Securing Forgotten Devices in the Hospital

September 28, 2017
Presented by Sean Hughes, EVP of Document Solutions at CynergisTek This webinar will analyze how sensitive information is created, stored, and printed on many types of devices managed outside of a traditional IT department, and why it is important to understand the risks associated with print devices, biomedical equipment, and other Internet of Things. A natural byproduct of managing devices is to introduce a layer of security into the print and biomedical environment, drive out inefficiencies, and reduce both risks and cost through inventory and document management. This webinar will also debate how the advent of EHRs has increased the output of paper in the healthcare environment, and how print documents pose security threats. Attendees will hear about best practices and current approaches to reduce print and print-related expenses. During this webinar, you will: * Identify the security risks associated with print devices, biomedical devices, and the Internet of Things * Analyze why print output has increased despite moving to an electronic health record system * Develop best practices to reduce your security risks and costs associated with print devices, as well as inventory management
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