How to Close Medical Device Security Gaps

June 3, 2019 Mayuri Kumar

It is estimated that there are 10-15 medical devices connected to the network for every bed in a hospital, and each device carries its own security and compliance concerns. It is also estimated that healthcare organizations typically keep medical devices in use for as long as 15 years, if not longer. As a result, these ubiquitous devices are extremely susceptible to technical attacks simply because most active security vulnerabilities cannot be patched. As an industry, we recently saw an example of this with one of Microsoft’s latest vulnerabilities known as, “CVE-2019-0708,” presenting a critical security risk. Given these devices are essential to delivering patient care, they are more than just a security risk to operations…they are a patient safety concern.

Join CynergisTek for a webinar on July 9th from 12:00-1:00 pm CDT, to hear experts Clyde Hewitt, Executive Advisor, and Cory Blacketer, Medical Device Security Consultant, discuss the current state of privacy and security risks posed by medical devices and the challenges associated with getting an effective medical device management strategy in place. They will provide five key medical device management best practices that will help attendees address the privacy, security and patient safety issues posed by medical devices.

Presenter Bio

Clyde Hewitt | Executive Advisor
Clyde Hewitt is an Executive Advisor at CynergisTek. He brings over thirty years of executive leadership experience in cybersecurity to CynergisTek, having served in various senior IT positions for the United States Air Force, later moving into the private sector in various information security management roles. Most recently, he and was the Vice President and Chief Security Officer for Allscripts Healthcare. He is a Board Member for the North Carolina Healthcare Information and Communications Alliance.
Cory Blacketer | Information Security Consultant – Biomedical Devices
Cory Blacketer is an Information Security Consultant for CynergisTek, Inc., who assists clients in performing risk assessments specific to biomedical devices and mitigating the security risks posed by these devices. While entering the healthcare industry working in the clinical engineering field, Cory has held clinical engineering and information security operations roles with Ascension Health prior to CynergisTek. The unique experience of operating in multiple environments has allowed her to better understand the distinct qualities between the two functions and how to efficiently develop a medical device security program incorporating both functions in a collaborative and manner.



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How to Close Medical Device Security Gaps
How to Close Medical Device Security Gaps

In this webinar, Clyde Hewitt & Cory Blacketer discussed the current state of privacy & security risks pose...

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