Secure and Protect Your Biomedical Devices

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Biomedical Device Security Services

Biomedical devices are more connected than ever before resulting in increased vulnerabilities, new threat vectors, greater risk to patient care and to the protection of patient data.

CynergisTek’s biomedical device security services help multiple stakeholders including IT, security, procurement/supply chain and clinical engineering understand the number and type of biomedical devices connected to the network, those that contain ePHI and the security vulnerabilities of these devices. Biomedical devices do not follow the same rules as other networked devices; therefore, we help: develop a cybersecurity strategy around biomedical devices, manage the many devices connected to the network, and remediate identified risks on these devices. 

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About CynergisTek
About CynergisTek

Healthcare leaders turn to CynergisTek for trustworthy and reliable support in cybersecurity, privacy, comp...