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Medical Device Management Identify, Assess, & Protect Critical Medical Devices Medical Device Security Risk Assessment The protection of patient data is more difficult to manage as the number of network- connected medical devices continues to rise, resulting in increased vulnerabilities, new threat vectors, and an increased risk to patient care. CynergisTek's Medical Device Security Services help multiple stakeholders such as IT, Security, and Clinical Engineering, better understand the number and type of medical devices connected to the network, those that contain ePHI, and the security vulnerabilities of the devices. Medical devices do not follow the same rules as traditional network connected devices; therefore, we help: Compile an inventory of network-connected medical device profiles, including, technical and physical device attributes, network configuration details, and device-specific security anomalies or vulnerabilities. Assess organizational security controls and identify gaps in processes and procedures associated with the management of medical devices. Categorize medical devices by risk level and present remediation strategies for specific risk categories and device types. Create a comprehensive strategy to manage medical devices in conjunction with Clinical Engineering or a third- party vendor. Incorporate industry best practices and ongoing oversight of your medical device security program. Our experts understand that many times medical devices cannot follow the same security procedures as other network-connected devices. For this reason, our team of medical device cybersecurity experts utilize a three-prong comprehensive assessment to include: Medical Device Security Technical Assessment A complete inventory of your network-connected medical devices and their associated vulnerabilities. Medical Device Security Program Assessment An evaluation of organizational security controls and identification of gaps or vulnerabilities in the management practices for medical device security. Medical Device Risk Management Strategy A strategy defining organization-specific risk categories and criteria as well as a prioritized remediation roadmap for addressing unique medical device issues and vulnerabilities. What to Expect An effective medical device cybersecurity program will not only lower the risk of protected health information and sensitive data exposure, it will help your organization assure uninterrupted, quality patient care while safeguarding against threats to clinical operations in a managed and secured digital health environment. Develop a Cybersecurity Strategy Incorporating Network-Connected Medical Devices Improve Medical Device Risk and Vulnerability Management Practices Prioritize and Implement a Plan for Remediating Identified Medical Device Risks

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