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Virtual CISO Addressing the Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage Common vCISO Initiatives and Projects The cybersecurity workforce shortage is expected to reach 1.8 million by 2022 and is mostly due to a lack of qualified talent. * To address this shortage, CynergisTek offers a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) Service to help organizations develop and mature information security programs while reducing the burdens and cost associated with recruiting and retaining qualified security professionals. We support your security initiatives and programs in the areas of strategy, governance, compliance, education, and risk management. CynergisTek assigns a designated senior information security consultant with CISO experience to serve as your trusted partner and advisor by providing you with expertise, support, and guidance for your internal security team. This enables you to utilize the benefits of an internal expert security resource without the added expense and administrative overhead of hiring, training, and retaining permanent staff members. The vCISO is not designed to relieve the current security staff's responsibility but instead provides additional support on an interim or long-term basis as needed. Our assigned vCISOs provide regular status updates and a documented plan of action to guide and measure progress and effectiveness. Our vCISO program can be customized to meet specific needs of the organization, but common activities include, but are not limited to: * Source: 2017 Global Information Security Workforce Study Work with expert security resources who have the backing of all CynergisTek consultants (programmatic, technical, strategic governance, etc.). Partner with innovative, experienced security professionals to define an effective security program strategy that meets the unique needs of your organization. Address complex decisions, resolve spur-of- the-moment deployment strategies, and manage costs and business expectations. Complement your existing team while reducing costs associated with hiring and retaining qualified, in- house resources. What to Expect CynergisTek, Inc. 512.402.8550 @CynergisTek Learn more at: Strategic Security Planning: Have an expert resource identify and prioritize security projects. Policy Development: Create, review, implement, and/or revise security policies to determine their effectiveness while meeting regulatory requirements. Project Support: Deliver hands-on support and guidance through security projects as appropriate or determined by CIO or other senior leadership. Security Plan Implementation: Provide leadership and oversight of security projects as they occur. Incident Response: Provide first- level support, determine and oversee the enterprise-wide response, and coordinate additional CynergisTek support as appropriate. User Awareness: Provide cybersecurity awareness training, briefings for staff and management, and act as a liaison to the Board.

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