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Privacy Services Mature Your Privacy Program with Confidence Validate and improve compliance with industry standards and federal regulations, such as HIPAA and HITECH. Gain the expertise of healthcare privacy experts without the expense or overhead costs associated with hiring and retaining in-house staff. Leverage our expertise to enhance your privacy program and ensure sensitive data is protected. Develop, mature, and maintain your privacy program. What to Expect Privacy Program Remediation & Staffing Services Patient Privacy Monitoring Services (PPMS) Virtual Privacy Officer Privacy Program Assessment Our consultants will conduct a comprehensive review of your privacy program and its compliance with the HIPAA Privacy and Breach Notification Rules. Benchmark how your privacy program performs and reduce risk with a strategic roadmap. Remediate any gaps identified in your privacy program with short- or long-term staffing to augment your team. Our resources can support remediation projects, develop policies and procedures, or provide privacy training. As a result, organizations of all sizes benefit from CynergisTek's talent, who have first-hand experience in supporting privacy operations. CynergisTek can implement and/or optimize your patient privacy monitoring program and provide the necessary privacy team resources to continuously review user activity within your ePHI applications. We conduct an initial program assessment, deliver a customized optimization plan designed to achieve a successful integration and adoption of the tool you use, and provide ongoing reviews of user activity to detect suspicious activity. This managed service alleviates technical and administrative burdens, addresses the challenge of limited resources, and provides a trusted partner to oversee your patient privacy program. Acquire qualified resources with proven highly skilled expertise and leadership to help develop and manage your organization's privacy program. We provide an executive-level healthcare privacy expert to help you accomplish your privacy program initiatives, such as policy and procedure development, preliminary privacy incident investigation and escalation, reporting of HIPAA breaches, identifying HIPAA business associates, assistance with Business Associate Agreements, and more.

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