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Patient Privacy Monitoring Services Make the Most of Your Privacy Monitoring Program CynergisTek helps organizations improve their patient privacy monitoring programs by offering Patient Privacy Monitoring Services. Extend the depth and breadth of your privacy program's monitoring and reporting capabilities. Demonstrate that your organization conducts ongoing analysis of the organizations EHR data to identify unauthorized use or disclosure of ePHI to meet standards set by HIPAA's Privacy and Security. Provide industry best practice guidance to inform your organization's decision process and expand your proactive audit program. Your dedicated team of analysts are subject matter experts, run the tool to the optimized potential, run reports per the approved Plan, conduct initial analysis, and escalate findings timely . What to Expect "CynergisTek has had a significant impact on our overall sense of security and well-being. Before we engaged with them, we were not doing a lot of proactive HIPAA auditing. Most of our privacy auditing was complaint based and retrospective. Now we are actively going out and looking for potential HIPAA issues, and we educate people on the things we find." – CIO, KLAS Security Advisory Report, Oct. 2016 Choose from two service options. Each level builds upon another to create a thorough solution for healthcare organizations of all sizes. CynergisTek's team of dedicated analysts will conduct comprehensive audits of your tool's reports, document all reports, and escalate findings to your team. CynergisTek collaborates with your organization to support functionality of your patient privacy monitoring tool. We will help develop written procedures and assist with optimization of audit planning, monitoring, and ongoing support. During implementation, experience a phased deployment process for your patient privacy solution. Clients receive ongoing program support and documented updates and reports designed for your reporting to leadership.

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