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CynergisTek, Inc. 512.402.8550 @CynergisTek Why CynergisTek CynergisTek has been recognized in numerous third-party research reports and won the prestigious 2017 Best in KLAS award for Cybersecurity Advisory Services. CynergisTek was rated as the top comprehensive cybersecurity firm in the KLAS performance report, Cybersecurity Services 2018: Achieving Outcomes Through Healthcare Knowledge and Tailored Services. This speaks to the talent and expertise of our high-caliber team and the emphasis we place on providing excellent customer service to all of our clients. Many of our customers identify us as an extension of their team and CynergisTek as a true partner. Signature Managed Services Our services include a risk assessment of the devices, the current-state protection of the devices, and your risk management program for devices on the network. We conclude with a strategy for remediation by device and risk category. We also offer a managed service that combines technology and human oversight for a risk-based approach that identifies risks at any point of the device lifecycle. This ongoing enterprise approach improves an organization's security and risk management program for medical device cybersecurity. Medical Device Security Our team will actively monitor third-party vendors, identify security gaps, and alert you to any change in the status of your vendors. All documentation is maintained and included in regular vendor status reports. The end result will alleviate the challenge and manual process of managing vendors and documenting due diligence to demonstrate compliance with HIPAA regulations. We can integrate with new or existing solutions to establish, enhance, and/or maintain an effective auditing and monitoring program. The service includes an initial program assessment, a customized optimization plan architected to achieve successful technology integration and adoption, and a designated team of analysts. Vendor Security Management Patient Privacy Monitoring Services CynergisTek offers several signature managed services to help healthcare organizations achieve security, privacy, and compliance program goals. We serve as a trusted privacy, security, and compliance partner that helps mature your security program. A CAPP engagement includes consulting services to assist in maintaining a proactive risk management program by performing standards-based periodic assessments, achieving compliance goals, conducting periodic assessments of key controls, and providing ongoing privacy and security advisory support. The advisory services can be used to address any challenges faced during the lifecycle of your program. Compliance Assist Partner Program (CAPP) We provide the flexibility for healthcare organizations to choose between a co-managed or managed approach to reduce the impact of a cyberattack with 24/7 security event monitoring and response services. A security incident is often catastrophic to healthcare operations, impacting critical patient care needs. And, with the demand to conduct business through applications in the cloud or mobile devices, now more than ever, it is paramount to understand what is happening across the IT environment relating to security events. Managed Security Services

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