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TEST OFFENSIVE STRATEGIES ON YOURSELF 76% of our audience does not invest in offensive security due to a lack of budget and resources. Today's attackers will outsmart you unless you flip your approach by dedicating resources to a shared defensive and offensive strategy. Using a Red Team will help strengthen your organization against cyber incidents. 5 I N D U S T R Y L E S S O N S Learn More PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE Most healthcare organizations' incident response plans are either non-existent or incomplete. To limit costly, and possible life-threatening damage put on by cyber incidents, organizations should prioritize developing, maintaining, and conducting enterprise-wide exercises using different attack scenarios, including ransomware. REGULARLY REVIEW RECORDS User access monitoring shouldn't be a check the box program just because it's a regulatory requirement. An effective user access monitoring program needs updated policies and procedures, and a tool and resources to adequately and proactively check for inappropriate access to records. DON'T FORGET YOUR VENDORS Recent statistics state 80% of data breaches originated from a third party. A strong third-party risk management program includes formal pre- screening security assessments, contract due diligence/periodic performance, validation reviews, and accountability enforcement. PROGRESS IS SLOW The state of healthcare security and privacy is progressing, but not enough when it comes to NIST CSF conformance. To stay ahead of the ever-expanding cyber-attack surface, gain board buy-in to invest in shoring up defenses and security gaps. FROM CYNERGISTEK'S 2021 SUMMER SERIES CYNERGISTEK.COM I N F O @ C Y N E R G I S T E K . C O M

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