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Security Control Validation Assessment measures the capability of your security teams, processes, and technology to determine the organization's overall business risk. Security experts will test the effectiveness of various security controls in relation to their expected functionality, providing actionable next steps to fix what's not working and show ROI on what is working. The Challenge An organization's need to understand the effectiveness of security controls in a constantly changing environment including: • Unique Environments Solutions are evaluated in an ideal environment however after implementation, unique technologies and business cases come into play that can result in the control not working as desired. • Integration Determining how new security controls interact with other technologies and controls in currently in place. • Change Management Technology and process change quickly in organizations making it difficult to identify all possible impacts a single change may affect, resulting in a security control no longer functioning as intended. • User Training Training of new technology is limited causing controls to be used ineffectively. THE BENEFITS Understand Real-life Control Responses Specially designed toolset uses inoculated attack patterns to determine how the controls will respond in real-life. Testing on Your Schedule Schedule the assessment during your preferred window for specific types of testing. Identify Insecure or Ineffective Configurations Test against different attack methodologies quickly provides a clear picture of what is working and areas to remediate or provide additional training. SECURITY CONTROL VALIDATION ASSESSMENT Determine What is Working & What is Not

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