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Managed Security Services Combining Technology, Expertise, and Processes A true extension of your existing security team that provides 24/7 managed security event monitoring, detection, and response. Protection around the clock with off-hours, weekends, and holidays covered. A strategic security partner that monitors across on- premises and cloud-based solutions, allowing you to never lose visibility of your security posture. Address resource gaps (skills and staffing) by combining technology, expertise, and processes. Cost-effective services combined with a quick implementation (as fast as a few minutes) allows you to instantly experience and demonstrate ROI. A 100% U.S. based security analyst team dedicated to serving healthcare clients. What to Expect Endpoint Device Enterprise Network Security CynergisTek's Managed Security Services offer the flexibility for healthcare organizations to choose either a co-managed or fully managed service for 24/7 security event monitoring to reduce the potential impact of a cyberattack. Due to the nature of healthcare IT, the need for applications in the cloud and mobile devices is growing more than ever, making it critical to quickly uncover and recognize security threats. Thoroughly and accurately classifying security threats within your network, endpoint devices, cloud, and SaaS applications requires the appropriate skills, experience, time, and technology. Today's shortage of cybersecurity experts means healthcare IT security teams are understaffed and, often times, underfunded to handle these threats. Our Managed Security Services helps protect and provide the support necessary to manage potenital cyberattacks. By working alongside CynergisTek, you can confidently trust our Managed Security Services and ActiveEye platform to protect your IT environment. Protect your endpoint devices at all times with continuous tracking of all threat activities targeting endpoint devices. The ActiveEye platform aggregates and correlates multiple threat intelligence feeds to detect threats to endpoints, while our security analysts quickly and efficiently discover the root cause of issues, allowing you to focus on your business. Manage, detect, and respond to security threats across the network with 24/7 security event monitoring. Our expert healthcare security analysts use our powerful tool to perform vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection, endpoint detection, and response, behavioral monitoring, SIEM log management, and continuous threat intelligence to identify and help you take action against valid cybersecurity threats. CynergisTek's Security Operation Center (SOC) provides your team with confirmed security alerts and warnings, while allowing you to access actionable recommendations at any time through our web-based portal. Endpoint Device Security

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