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Facebook, APIs, and GDPR, Oh My!

September 19, 2019

Right now, healthcare privacy professionals are faced with an unending stream of news from other industries, from their technology teams, and regulatory actions, much of which seems like it could be relevant to healthcare and the future of HIPAA. However, the reality is that many of these trends matter much less to healthcare than it appears, and a few of them portend changes that few are seeing on the horizon.

Robert Lord, Co-Founder and President of Protenus and David Holtzman, Executive Advisor at CynergisTek discuss separating “signal” from “noise” in this brave new privacy landscape, gain practical insights on how you can prepare for what’s coming, and focus on what’s important. A particular focus will be placed on how privacy professionals can ensure that, even with innovation, appropriate access to patient data is monitored and controlled.

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