Avoiding Breach Notification Blunders

September 10, 2019 Mayuri Kumar

A mishap involving the mailing of breach notification letters has led a Tennessee hospice to issue a "corrective" privacy breach notification.

The incident is yet another example of why healthcare organizations need to carefully scrutinize their breach response and notification processes.

On Sept. 6, Alive Hospice in Nashville, Tennessee, issued a "corrective" breach notification statement explaining that an earlier letter in July to notify individuals and next of kin affected by a May phishing incident had gone awry.

"On July 3, Alive Hospice undertook a mailing of notification letters to individuals potentially affected by a recent data privacy incident," notes the Sept. 6 statement from Alive. "On or about July 9, Alive learned that an error occurred in the address export process for the mailing, which resulted in the notification letters being addressed to the incorrect recipient."

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