2018 Educational Workshop Feedback

August 8, 2018 Hira Ali

Cyber-attacks have been an increasing security and privacy threat to organizations, in fact the 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study: Global Overview by Ponemon states that the health industry has one of the highest per capita data breach cost than the overall mean. The first step to defend against these threats is to understand the threat landscape and realize that cybersecurity and cyber-attacks are more than just an IT problem. With the total cost of a data breach increasing by 6.4 percent from 2017 it is crucial organizations have a thorough incident response plan that includes many areas of the enterprise (IT, security, privacy, and compliance).

To provide resources to the industry, CynergisTek hosted 10 educational workshops across the country between January and July this year. These workshops included several topics, such as:

  • The current threat landscape and latest trends in healthcare
  • Real-world examples and case studies of responding to an incident
  • The business case for a strong incident response process
  • Best practices for creating an incident response playbook
  • Steps to determine if an incident requires breach notification
  • Roundtable response exercise where the attendees can join forces and evaluate how to respond to different scenarios

Nearly 100 healthcare professionals benefited from attending the workshops through this first half of the year. In fact, 93 percent of attendees surveyed stated that they found the workshops to be either “extremely educational” or “very educational.” 90 percent said that they would be “likely” or “very likely” to attend or recommend a future event.


Below is a sample of comments attendees provided when asked for feedback:

“It was beneficial for me in compliance to hear the presenters discuss a lot of their experiences and approach–what worked and what did not work. The information provided will definitely help my team mature our incident response process and apply continued process improvements.” – Privacy Officer

 “I enjoyed the group exercises. It was an excellent opportunity to gain other’s insights and learn how their organizations resolve incidents.” – Compliance Specialist

 “The Privacy and Research workshop was quite interactive and really made me think. The experiences shared by Marti helped to shine light on “dark gray” areas. While different content and different styles of presenting were demonstrated, both were excellent! I can’t wait for the next one!” – IT Security Manager

 “I enjoyed the small group feel along with the ability to speak freely and hear real life occurrences.” – Manager, HIPAA/Compliance

“It was very interactive, good content and great speakers.” – Manager, Cyber Security IT Audit

“David was able to answer all of the questions from the attendees. It was great that this was FREE.” – IT Security Assurance Manager

  “It was presented in easy to understand language and covered a great deal of material simply.”  – Privacy Officer

“What I liked most were the examples that the presenters brought to the workshop. Another thing was the research information. It was broken down very well.” – Manager, HIM and Privacy Officer

“I enjoyed the discussion between attendees because it allowed us to hear some of the other incidents that are occurring elsewhere.” – Senior Administrative Assistant

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Educational Workshop Map

                        August 16 – Denver             August 21 – St. Louis           September 12 – Kansas City

                 September 20 – Baltimore       October 18  – Tampa         November 8 – Oklahoma City   

               November 14 – Philidelphia    December 4 – Bay Area           December 6 – Phoenix

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