Potential Iranian Cyber Attacks

January 10, 2020 Mayuri Kumar

Does the Iranian Threat of Cyber Retaliation Change the Way We Need to Think and Prepare for Attacks?

The U.S. strike that killed Qassem Soleimani could have a dramatic impact on how we prepare for and respond to cyberattacks in the United States as Iranian cyber actors have significant experience in destructive “wiper” attacks that have historically not targeted the U.S. mainland.

The cybersecurity threat most companies have faced historically is data exfiltration. The attackers break into a system, elevate their access, download sensitive data, and extort or sell the data for a profit or influence. The data is not lost, the systems are still operational, and the company has to deal with both the embarrassment and potential regulatory fines for the loss of sensitive data. In this type of incident, the company’s operations are not impeded.

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Preparing for Potential Iranian 'Wiper' Attacks
Preparing for Potential Iranian 'Wiper' Attacks


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