Our Top Blog Posts from 2018

January 3, 2019 Mayuri Kumar

There were many changes within the healthcare industry, as well as a number of legislative changes in 2018. Throughout the year, our team of industry experts authored blog posts discussing these topics, offering their insights and providing best practices. Here is a list of the most popular of these posts from 2018.

Five Best Practices to Improve Your Third-Party Vendor Risk Management Program

An effective third-party vendor risk management program starts with determining all possible risks. David Rauschendorfer explains the five best practices to improve your risk management program.

OCR Updates Audit Protocol Emphasizing Compliance

David Holtzman writes about the latest OCR protocol updates and the actions organizations should take.

Building and Maintaining an Effective Compliance Program with Limited Resources

Marti Arvin discusses how to create an effective compliance program and how it can be challenging to measure at times. She goes further into the steps you need to take and how to leverage them.

When is data collected for research PHI covered by HIPAA and when is it not?

In light of a recent OCR ALJ decision, it is vital for healthcare organizations to know whether data used for research is PHI protected under HIPAA or not. Marvi Arvin discusses further on the matter.

Web Application Penetration Testing

John Nye writes about how web application penetration testing differs from other types of testing along with their major vulnerabilities and penetration testing’s end goals.

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